Dienstag, 25. August 2015

New boat launch: Ktaba Cirya

Ein weiteres neues Boot segelt nun durch die Pixelgewässer.

Das neue Boot von Ktaba ist ein klassischer Zweimast-Schooner. Der Ersteller beschreibt das Boot so:
Cirya is just over 40 feet long, not including the bowsprit, and comes with a full complement of sails.  There are three choices of sail plans: club-footed jib, genoa, and spinnaker.  Each sail plan has its own polar, helm "balance", and sails may be raised and lowered individually.  Like most schooners, Cirya has a touch of weather helm.  Cirya will perform well to windward with the club-footed jib, perform well on broad reaches, and downwind runs with the genoa, and best on dead runs with the spinnaker.  She weighs in at around 44 LI, is loaded with numerous boatly details, is constructed from high-quality, low-LI mesh, and will be easily customizable.  Her top speed will be around 11 knots in ideal circumstances, but probably more like 10 knots in the most common circumstances.  Skippers have a choice of two wind systems: wwc and bwind.

Ein paar weitere Bilder bei Flickr

----> Hier kann man das Boot kaufen.

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