Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Reposting: H&G Expo: Brook Hill Living von Sannita Cortes

Heute klaue ich mal wieder einen Post:

The 8th annual Home & Garden Expo for Relay for Life in Secondlife will be
opening  – February 14th – and runs until March, 6th 2016.
The best designers as well as upcoming ones of Secondlife grid are taking part in the Home & Garden Exhibition showing their work and designs. When buying some of these you are doing that for a wonderful cause and help others.
Each exhibitor released 2 new items which proceeds of these are going 100% to RFL.
Spring is coming closer and you willl have the great possibility on the Expo to find new things for your home & garden to redecorate with new, fresh items :) If you have fun with redecorating like me, this is the best place.

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